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SWG Revelation is closing January 20, 2017


Balances & Changes


With hundreds of tweaks and balances to your favorite professions, you can finally play that Carbineer / Pikeman you never thought would be a viable template. See a full list of our profession changes, or one of the thousands of features and balances unique to Revelation.


New Content


New Players

Welcome to Revelation! All new players receive free buffs access to starter dungeon inside Theed on Naboo to help being their adventure on Revelation. Crafting more your thing? Enjoy complimentary resources and make some quick cash by visiting a Czerka Corp Merchant or Express Courier.


Death Watch Bunker - Geonosian Cave - The Warren

Revelation includes three full-fledged dungeons with major mechanics which will keep even the most seasoned Star Wars Galaxies Veteran on their toes. With multiple difficulties and instances, there's always enough loot to go around. In addition, revisit old places and introduce yourself to new loot and difficulties.

World Events & Bosses

The galaxy is in peril! Be ready for World Events, where the entire server's combat prowess is put to the test. Or try your hands at defeating one of Revelation's elite bosses; pursue the legendary Godzilla on Yavin 4, the illusive Swooper Engineer on Tatooine or the mysterious Dragonbeast on Corellia. Each with unique loot and challenges.

Unique Items


New And Updated Locations


Czerka Corporation

Galactic Civil War


New Professions


GCW Skills

GCW Elite Professions

Server Information

Wiki Reference for adding new content

Joining the Server

  • Read and accept the rules [1]
  • Register on the Revelation site [2]
  • Create a forum account through the registration
  • Check for your confirmation email
  • Install SWG with your original discs
  • Download the launcher & update [3]

Click Image to Download

Server Features

  • Pre-CU Professions with balance tweaks
  • Custom Jedi Unlock & Jedi Knight System
  • New Open World and Instanced Dungeons
  • Accelerated XP Gains
  • Unique World Bosses
  • NGE Houses and items
  • Galactic Civil War Skills
  • Elite GCW Professions
  • All Features & Changes

Server Rates

PvP XP Bonuses (SFs Only)

  • Imperial: 150%
  • Rebel: 150%

PvE XP Bonuses

  • Grouped XP: 125%
  • Combat: 150%
  • Crafting: 500%
  • Medical: 300%
  • Entertainer: 500%
  • Scout: 300%
  • Survey: 1000%
  • DNA Harvesting: 300%
  • Political: 200%
  • Image Design: 300%
  • Merchant: 200%
  • Slicing: 200%
  • Bounty Hunter: 250%
  • Creature Handler: 200%

Storage Limits

  • Creature Pets: 4
  • Faction Pets: 3
  • Droids: 6
  • Vehicles: 6
  • Lots: 10
  • Ships: 3

Skill Points

  • Novice Boxes cost 10 SP instead of 15
  • Entertainer Tree is 0 SP
  • Dancer and Musician are Basic Professions


  • revelation.teamspeak.network

Galaxy Harvester

  • Select Revelation from Galaxy dropdown

Skill Planner