General Changes

  • Global /invite [Notes]
  • Vendor listing time raised to 60 days [Notes]
  • Bazaar Auction credit listing raised from 20k to 30k credits [Notes]
  • Raises payouts of Entertainer and Scout Missions
  • Buff NPC with free buffs when creating a new player
  • Reduced the Heal Aggro from 100% to 66% [Notes]
  • Lower Decay Rate of Swoop bikes
  • Lower Spice Downer Attribute Effect to 50%
  • Spice Revamp


  • Runspeed of a Mount is a bit faster
  • Gallop speed duration increased to 5 min, 60 sec cooldown and is faster now, some Creatures have a higher speed than others

Player Cities

  • City Player Requirements set to 3, 5, 10,15, 20 

Species Changes:

  • Twi'leks have higher secondary action stats limits. [Notes]


  • House storage is lot*250. (2 lots = 500 item storage)
  • /paymaintenance command subtracts from cash or bank (if cash is empty)
  • Extend furniture rotation command /rotate roll 1-180 and /rotate reset 1
  • Harvesters
    • Increased BER on Harvesters
    • Increased Hopper Size
    • Increased Resource Container Size to 1 million


  • Freelance shuttles for instant transport can be found at The Alumn Mines on Lok, Theed and Czerka Village on Dathomir
  • Shuttle times at Starports reduced to 2 minutes

Veteran Rewards


Battle Fatigue

  • BF new max Value 1500 [Notes]
  • BF scales with the max value now more on the effect for healing. If healer and healed creature have both 1500 BF the heal is 92% reduced *max value
  • BF (shock wounds) have a effect to the accuracy skill


  • Items with 0 Condition are broken and can not be equipped
  • Stats will no longer work on items with 0 condition [Notes]
  • Some clothing will decay now (very slowly) during combat

Galactic Civil War

  • Raised FP Cap * 2 [Notes]
  • Changed GCW bonus, faction with planetary control get a 30% discount on faction items 
  • Rebel's can purchase factional AT-XT from recruiters (AT-ST equivalent) 
  • New Faction Armors 
  • Buffed bonus 155 for factional HQ Hospital 
  • AT-XT spawns at Rebel HQs 
  • Different GCW turret damage types 
  • Remove food / drink filling on PvP death 
  • If you die Overt you have 1% decay on Insured Items, and only 2% on other Items. Filling/Drink is set to 0, Jedi XP Loss is 50% 

Skill Mods

  • Creature Knowledge
  • Melee Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Hidden Stat Mods


  • Intimidate: Calculation changes [Notes]
  • Blind: Adds a 5 point Block Break penality [Notes]


Post-Crafting Color Options

  • Nightsister Clothing Set (10 parts)
  • Mountain Clan Clothing Set (10 parts)
  • Chitin Armor
  • Ithorian Defender Armor
  • Marabi Armor
  • RIS Armor
  • Tantel Armor
  • Ubese Armor


  • All resources are automatically uploaded to Galaxy Harvester
  • Creature Resources
    • Increased Density Spawn Map for Milk (50% more Milk)
    • Increased Density Spawn Map for Creature Harvesting (+25%)
    • Harvesting
      • Added Minimum amount to 10 Units [Notes]
      • Changed range from 7 to 12 meter [Notes]
    • Lair Search [Notes]
      • Higher chance find eggs in a lair
      • Higher amount of eggs found
  • Resources General
    • Raised Count of random spawned Resources (more Resource spawns for metal, ore, fuel_petrochem_solid, radioactive, gemstone, gas, water, fuel_petrochem_liquid,petrochem_inert
    • Adjusted the Spawn, lowered spawn chance of Minerals, Gemstones and Radioactive have now more chances to spawn
    • Reduced Base rate for sampling

Skill Changes

Profession Changes

Skill Mod Changes

Loot Changes


  • Raised chance of loot items with stats [Notes]
  • Raised loot chance of locked containers. [Notes]
  • Raised Loot chance Dathomir mobs
  • Raised Loot chance Dantooine - Jantas
  • Lootable Bubble Tank schematic
  • After a Bounty Hunter kills a player, the player can set a bounty on the BH [Notes]


  • Increased CA Loot chance in Junk loot (minimal)
  • Added minimal loot chance of CA's in loot tables.
  • Added missing BE experimentation and assembly CA’s
  • Tuskens: Increased CA and AA Loot chance
  • Maulers (Naboo POI) (minimal): Increased CA and AA Loot chance
  • Raise minimum value of Attachments [Notes]
  • Removed useless CA/AA's [Notes]
  • Added better drop combinations on weapons (Ex: No +Polearm speed on Pistols)

Creatures / NPCs

  • Krayt Dragons
    • 100% loot chance [Notes]
    • Modified Loot groups
    • Added CA and AA to Loot group
    • Raised LS Resist 5%
  • Acklay
    • Raised Loot chance [Notes]
    • Chance to drop pearls
  • Jedi Master

Updated Loot Items

  • Aakuan Belt
  • Aakuan Ring
  • Nightsister Bicep
  • Nyax Necklace

Updated Themepark Rewards

  • Marauder Armor
  • Stormtrooper Armor
  • Grooved Two Handed Sword
  • Imperial Medallion
  • Insulated Ubese Armor
  • Jagged Vibroblade
  • Lightweight vibro unit
  • Mabari Armor
  • Projectile Pistol Barrel
  • Projectile Rifle barrel
  • Tuned Weapon Scope
  • Weapon Scope
  • Weapon Stock

New Player Content


Czerka Buffs

  • Buffer NPCs are provided for new players.
  • Doctors can be found in Coronet, Theed and Bestine Med Centers.
  • Entertainers can be found in Coronet, Theed and Bestine Cantinas.
  • Read More



  • Link

World Bosses

  • Link

Server Events

  • Disease Event [Notes]
    • Increased Medical Experience
    • Disease clouds through Coronet & Theed
    • Occurs only when triggered by Admin
  • Undead Event
    • Undead invading Theed
    • Undead Themed Loot
    • Costumes and zombie cloud
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