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  • Modify in BE Experimentation a success and a Amazing Success have now a higher effect

Tissue Changes[]

Synthetic Cloth[]

  • Myoflex Cloth Treatment: Heal Dance / Music BF(Previously Heal Dance / Music Wounds) [Notes]
  • Enhanced Myoflex Treatment: Heal Dance / Music Wounds (No Change)
  • Passive Tranquilizers: Harvesting / Camps (Previously Bleeding Defense)
  • Active Tranquilizers: Creature Taming Wild / Aggressive Creatures (No Change)
  • Passive Biosensors: Medical Use / Healing Wound Speed (Previously Creature Taming)
  • Active Biosensors: Injury Treatment / Wound Treatment (No Change)

Reinforced Fiberplast Panels[]

  • Confidence Cloth: Block / Dodge (Previously Warcry / Intimidation)
  • Fear Release: Warcry / Intimidate (No Change)
  • Toughened Fibers: Stun / Ranged (Previously Stun / Melee)
  • Tensile Resistance: Stun / Melee (No Change)
  • Passive Reflex: Healing Range (New)
  • Visual Camouflage: Take Cover (No Change)
  • Bio Nanobots:Droid Find Speed / Droid Find Chance (New)
  • Scent Neutralization: Camouflage / Mask Scent (No Change)
  • Constrictor Cloth: Dizzy (Previously Bleeding Defense)
  • Coagulant Agents: Bleeding Defense (No Change)

Pet Stimpack Changes[]

  • Pet Stimpacks heal more damage [Notes]
  • Pet Stimpacks heal some battle fatigue
  • Pet Stimpacks cost more resources