Revelation contains new armor sets and balances to existing types.

Armor Changes Edit

Bone Armor Edit

  • A light and cheap armor.
  • Protection: Kinetic, Energy and Electricity (main).

Chitin Armor Edit

  • A solid starter armor, robust and good in melee combat.
  • Protection: Kinetic (main), Energy, Electricity, Blast and Acid with an additional Layer slot.

Mabari Edit

  • A light, but solid Armor. Super Low Encumbrance and some protection.
  • +% Base Protection to Marabi Armor
  • Stun Protection to Marabi Boots and Helmet
  • Protection: Kinetic, Energy, Blast, Heat, Electricity and Cold.

Mandalorian Armor Edit

  • 35% LS Protection to Mandalorian Armor

Ithorian Guardian Armor Edit

  • Increased Armor Condition
  • Additional Color Options

Ubese Armor Edit

  • A medium armor, with low encumbrance values.
  • Protection: Kinetic (main), Energy, Blast, Cold, Acid and Electricity with an additional Layer slot.

Padded Armor Edit

Composite Edit

  • The good old fortress of steel.
  • Protection: Kinetic Energy, Blast, Acid, Electricity, Cold and Heat
  • The Layers now have a possibility to reach -1 encumbrance values.
  • Layers have a point more on second defense stat experimentation.
  • The max (experimentation) encumbrance values on the armors have been raised.
  • The min (experimentation) encumbrance values have been lowered.
  • The max (experimentation) on second stats have been raised (armors like Ubese, Chitin, Bone and Mabari) now have higher second and first values (% resist against damage type).

Looted Components Edit

Updated Stats Edit

  • Dunguwah Bone Armor Segment
  • Nightsister Layer

New Components Edit

  • Godzilla Segment
  • kimo

Crafted Components Edit

Crafted Component Changes

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